On Turning 28

Yesterday was my 28th birthday.

For no reason that I can adequately explain, this has always seemed like a milestone birthday to me. It may have to do with acquaintances who were 28 when I was a teenager, or movie plots involving 28-year-old characters. Maybe it’s because 28 is definitely “late 20’s” and can no longer be finagled into “mid 20’s” or even “mid to late 20’s”. I can’t pinpoint it exactly, but to me, 28 seems exponentially older than 27. It could be significant because it means I’m only two years away from what is definitely a milestone birthday by anyone’s estimation.

That last guess seems to ring most true. It’s made me think about what I’ve accomplished in life thus far:

1) Earned a B.A. in Music/Theatre. Okay, this is cool, and I’m even sort of using it, which is cooler. I could have gotten a degree in something much more useful by traditional standards, but then college would have been way less interesting. So, I’m pretty happy with this one.

2) Got Married. I like my husband. He’s kind of a pain sometimes, but who isn’t? He gets me in a lot of fundamental ways that other people don’t, even my closest friends and family members.

3) Visited 7 Countries. That’s one for every four years I’ve been alive. I must admit that I’m not all that pleased by how low this number is. But I do recognize that this is still something to be proud of, since many people live their entire lives without leaving the county in which they were born, let alone the country.

Not bad, I guess. Not great either, when you consider that by the time I’m 30, this is what I would like to have accomplished:

1) Get a dog. Finally.

2) Have at least 1 child. Enough said.

3) Start my own business. This is just beginning to take shape.

4) Get out of debt. Completely.

5) Write a novel. This is actually just one of several writing goals, but it’s probably the biggest one.

Additionally, but on a more minor level, I would also like to:

1) Learn to play the harmonica.

2) Lose a bunch of weight.

3) Get some professional singing gigs.

4) Generate blogging income.

5) Travel and photograph more.

Guess I better get busy, eh?

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